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In observance of Memorial Day, Dufour's RV Center will be closed Saturday, May 25th Sunday, May 26th & Monday, May 27th. 

Dufours's RV Service Center

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If you camp in a Coleman or Fleeetwood folding trailer please be aware of the following;

Our service department is seeing a sharp increase in the number of top lift systems damaged by rodents. Coleman/Fleetwood folding trailers have a whiffletree box under the trailer that mice love to make nests in. If you attempt to raise the top with "nest debris" in the whiffletree box you will most likely damage the system.

We suggest crawling under the camper with a flashlite and looking in the box through the holes where the cables emerge. if you see nest material, don't crank it! Remove the four screws holding the cover on and clean it out. Use CAUTION! Do not attempt to remove the cover with the top raised or raise the top with the cover removed.

Battery Installation

Last fall, when you winterized your camper, you should have removed the battery. If you did; good job. Now it's time to re-connect it but which wire goes where? There is not one answer to that question because wire colors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from year to year. Before you start hooking up wires, I suggest you put on some safety glasses and check the water level (if possible) in the battery and fully charge it. If you are unsure about the condition of the battery we will gladly test it for you. Now put the safety glasses back on and depending on which of these wire combinations you have.

1 Black & 1 White? >>> Black = + Positive + White = - negative -1 Black & 1 Red? >>> Red = + Positive + Black = - negative -1 Black, 1 Red & 1 White? >>> both Black & Red = + positive + White = - negative -

Always make sure the battery connections are clean and tight and connect the positive wire or wires first, then the negative. If you inadvertently reverse the wires you will have to replace the fuse in your converter.

You may also have;

A small black wire from the brake away switch which will need to be connected to the positive post of the battery.A black or gray wire from an electric jack (if equipped) that will also attach to positive.

As always, our experienced service team is here 12 months a year. No appointment is necessary for standard winterizing of water systems. Please call our service dept. for info on other services available. Also, as indicated in our service bulletin, if you have a receiver on your tow vehicle, check it for excessive corrosion.

Ask any seasoned RV'er the true measure of a dealership is commitment to customer service, and satisfaction is the quality of it's service department.

An important part of that commitment to quality is the certification of the technicians.Industry certification lets consumers know that the service technician working on their RV has developed well rounded RV repair, diagnostic, and component part replacement skills. To achieve certification technicians must successfully complete an intensive "Hands-on" practical exam as well as a comprehensive written test.

At Dufour'ss we offer our valued customers certified technicians with over 50 years of combined service experience, with an average of over 17 years each in the service industry.

Along with dependable RV repair, we offer knowledgeable hitch installation and advice.